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Bowsers Revenge Bowsers Revenge

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty cool

I liked this it was a bit differant to the usual remix's. Definatly needs some work tho. The beats could be a bit better, but i like the changing basslines.

WizardSleeve responds:

haha yeah its an old tune that i had to sorta squash together to fit on NG, i might get around to doing it again one day but that depends on how i feel i guess. Thanks for reviewing it, it was getting lonely on its own!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Banging Track!

I loved this track, I wish i could write tunes as good as you, but i have given up on that venture for a while because listening to people like you a realise that there is no point in trying anymore

I would like to hear this track as the seperate songs it seems to be, could make like 4 differant Tracks lol!! And if all of them are as good as this.. well thats about a 1/3 of an album right there!

Airbass Airbass

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Another Good effort

I must say i like this one aswell man... finally ur music is starting to fit ur name :)

I would like to hear a part in the tune where a really sick roaring bassline comes in to completly destroy you. It just needs that little bit more...

Zero Gravity Zero Gravity

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sick D+B tune

As i said in my response to ur review.. i did hear this the other day and I did quite like it if a tad short. U gotta love the Amen. This tune is one that will get an award and deserve it..

unlike some of the other game music you created that shot up high in the wrong section hehe (thats just personal opinion tho.. everyone else seems to love it)

Mellow Destruction Mellow Destruction

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Hey I use Fruityloops

I use fruity loops and I don't steal there loops.

The idea is you make your own loops with the samples they provide/the ones you download, and use them.

You should make your basslines from the 3xosc, or the wasp, and add FX to them. You then go into the pianroll and... etc etc..

This is not Drum and Bass either. Your missing the basic priciples of Drum and Bass in this. Still I know how tricky fruity loops is when you first start, its really hard to get to grips with, but once you got it, you don't understand how you didn't get it from the start.

If you need some help man send me an email or something and i will show you some of the basic priciples of FL and D+B and then ya can get cracking making some real sick shit.

Goatchrist responds:

I also use 'em, why should that be stealing? I'm just experimenting around, and all after all, people don't seem to hate it.

Thanks for your help offer, I might use that sometime.

Yeah, I just didn't really know in what category I should load this up....I'm just not that experienced :/

DeadBeat DeadBeat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Loop!

Great loop man, you should evolve that into a full tune or something!

The HorriD The HorriD

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice one Bruva!

Hehe sickening. Finally i get to hear some decent D+B in the audio portal. Good job on your tracks man.

Death_ray Death_ray

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Propper bo I tell thee

Wow.. sickening mate really it is. with the amenish beat going in the bg too.. man i wish you had uploaded a full songs worth cos this is the real shizzle.

randomdude responds:

I got a few full tracks iv'e made, some with my buddy, I like the dark that track u had with that MC was crazy for real.
what do u use to build ur trax on???

Luigi mix Luigi mix

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Love the MArio

I love making mario Remix's myself, done a bunch of gabba and D+B ones so i totally apreciate this. Whats more its pretty good, and with a little work you could make this into a full length tune.. add some more shit to it and stuff.. I know i would like it. Your mario Remix sounds more like Real D+B than most of the shit in the D+B section...

randomdude responds:

Thanx buddy, I have made this into a full track, N no shit half this dnb dounds like trance... peace

Danger Ahead 3 Danger Ahead 3

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

try writing your own tune mate

Tis short which is okay for the 56kers, but it ain't a real tune, it's hardly the best on the site, its full of samples and loops that sound ripped form something else or given to you in Ejay. Your composition of them was obviously quite good, and when you learn to make your own and be a bit more origional in your work, you could make something pretty good, but enough of the snes game music k? Its hardly drum and bass.

ParagonX9 responds:

Ok... Now lemme tell you this...
You think that this has been made out of loops or loopcuts??? I don't think so.... I don't use loops for my music... 'A loop is not your own work'... I like to make my own beats, btw tha's the most fun part of making music... And WTF is EJay anyways?? A music program?
Sorry, I use Propellerhead's 'Reason'
Which is only for advanced producers... I usually make my own synths there using the synthesizers...

If you think that this has been made out of loops, then try to find those...
Ask every DJ for it... Im sure that you will 'never' find it!

The beat has been made out of
a Bassdrum, shaker, Hihats, Tambs, Snares
I've used 10 samples for the mainbeat:
Slot1 : A Bassdrum
Slot2 : A Shaker
Slot3 : A Snare
Slot4 : A Simple 808 Closed HiHat
Slot5 : A Simple 808 Open Hihat
Slot6 : Tamb 1
Slot7 : Tamb 2
Slot8 : Tamb 3
Slot9 : Tamb 4
Slot10: Crash Cymbal

More than 75% of all DNB DJ's use loops or loopcuts for their beats...
I Create my own sample combinations; NO LOOPS...

There are only 3tracks of mine with a beat loop or loopcuts:
Final Fight (Fabio Loop)
Outer Space (Fabio Loop)
On The Run (Conga Loop)

And for the rest of my tracks:
Yep just picked some nice samples and make sure that it's a perfect combination...

With some of my loops I even made Each Percussion sample by myself...
How?... You just have to know how to work wit wavefoms...
'You want a nice clean 808 Bassdrum?
Sure, I can make it for you...
I'll take a simple Sinewave as the basic... and let te pitch slide quickly from +24 to 0 and make sure it has a good punch and THere... You have a nice Heavy Clean 808 BD...'

Need a Rough Hardcore Bassdrum?
Do the same as the thing above but use
the Saw wave instead of Sine...
Or just distort the 808 BD...

My friend,
You don't know how much I know about music making... You think that I'm just a random little boy who just makes music for fun out of loops or pre-made chords or whatever...
Now you have to know that you're wrong...

Regards, Jermain